Wuling Hongguang MINI EV Affordable and Efficient Electric Vehicle

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Introducing the Wuling Hongguang MINI EV, the first four-seater electric vehicle from Wuling, a subsidiary of SAIC General Motors. Designed as a convenient and eco-friendly transportation option for the people, the MINI EV is perfect for short commutes. With its compact size and cute aesthetic, the MINI EV stands out on the road. .Plus, with a cost as low as 5 cents per kilometer, the MINI EV ensures a cost-effective and sustainable travel experience. Discover the future of mobility with Wuling Hongguang MINI EV! Get yours today.


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Wuling Hongguang MINI EV Specifications & Configurations

Basic parameter
 Length*width*height 2920*1493*1621mm 3061*1520*1665
 wheelbase (mm) 1940mm 2010mm
Front /Rear Tire specification 1290/1290 1290/1306
Clearances (full load)mm 125mm 125mm
Minimum turning radius (m) 4.2 4.3
CLTC pure electric cruising range (km) 120 120/170 120/170 120/170 200/300 200/300
Curb weight (kg ) 665 665/700 665/700 665/700 772/822 772/822
energy recovery
Max speed (KM/h) 100km/h
 Electric motor  type Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Maximum power (kw) 20KW 30KW
Maximum torque 85 110
Capacity    (kwh) 9 9/13.4 9/13.4 9/13.4 17.3/26.5 17.3/26.5
Slow Charge Voltage and Current 220V/10A 220V/16A
Standard charging 0~100% battery time (h) 6.5 6.5/9 6.5/9 6.5/9 5.5/8.5 5.5/8.5
DC charging —— ——
6.6kw DC charging time (hours)
(SOC is 30%~80%, under the condition of DC charging pile)
—— 1.8/2.5 1.8/2.5
Battery heating and intelligent insulation
Parameter of battery
Battery type Lithium Ion Battery
Braking, suspension, dirve line
Brake System(front/rear) Front  disc/ Rear drum
Suspension System (front/rear) Mcpherson independent suspension/Multi-arm independent suspension
 Dirve type Rear energe,Rear  dirve
Main Parameter
Drive mode Electric RWD
wheel specification 145/70 R12
Luminous car logo - ●With penetration light belt ●With penetration light belt
taillight ●halogen ●LED ●LED
far and near beam
daytime running lights - - -
Rear fog lamps
high mount brake light ●halogen ●LED
Knob-type electronic shift mechanism
Color LCD instrument cluster
reading light ●halogen ●halogen ●halogen ●LED ●halogen
Driver sun visor
passenger sun visor

● YES              ○ Indicates Options            - Indicates None

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