wuling hongguang mini ev nuevo mobil listrik mini wuling

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Discover the Wulinghongguang Mini EV, the first four-seater new energy vehicle from SAIC General Motors’ Wuling brand. Designed as an affordable transportation solution for the people, this compact and visually appealing car is perfect for short-distance journeys. With dimensions of 2917/1493/1621mm and a wheelbase of 1940mm, the wulinghongguang Mini EV offers easy maneuverability, making your commutes hassle-free. Say goodbye to parking problems! Moreover, the Hongguang Mini EV can be conveniently charged at home using a 220V power outlet, saving you time and money. Experience low-cost travel, with just 5 cents per kilometer. Upgrade to the future of mobility with this reliable and cost-effective new energy vehicle from wulinghongguang.

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