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  • How to clean and maintain an electric vehicle

    In daily life, electric vehicles are our main means of transportation. We often use electric vehicles, and electric vehicles will be covered with a lot of dust and dirt. How should we clean and maintain our electric vehicles? Take you to understand specifically. 1. When our electric car get dusty...
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  • Shopping despite COVID brightens future prospects

    BEIJING-China’s consumer spending has been on track to full recovery from the ravages of COVID-19. Retail sales rose by 4.6 percent year-on-year in the fourth quarter of 2020. The overall scene bounced back from the dramatic contraction in the first two quarters of last year and displayed ...
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  • E7, a new model, Launched into market

    The electric VAN E7 , a cargo delivery EV, for the shopping center or logistics company, has been be launched into market in Jan. 2021. The EEC homologation will be available in April, 2021. It is a wonderful solution of urban transfer in last 5 km by Max. speed 75km, Max. range 150km and Max loa...
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