BYD: Pioneering the New Era of Electric Vehicles

BYD, established in 1995, is a leading innovator in the field of new energy vehicles in China. With its flagship models like the Dynasty and Ocean series, BYD has gained industry-wide recognition for its cutting-edge automobile battery technology. By forming a complete battery industry chain and introducing the blade battery in March 2020, BYD has taken a comprehensive approach in creating sustainable solutions for the new energy sector. As a listed company engaged in electronics, automotive, new energy, and rail transportation, BYD has become a key player in multiple industries.

As a high-tech enterprise, BYD aims to fulfill people’s aspirations for a better life through technological innovation. Since its establishment in February 1995, BYD has achieved rapid growth and established over 30 industrial parks worldwide, strategically expanding its presence across six continents. With business operations spanning electronics, automotive, new energy, and rail transportation, BYD plays a pivotal role in these sectors. It has successfully built a complete zero-emission new energy solution, covering energy acquisition, storage, and application. As a listed company in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, BYD’s annual revenue and market capitalization both exceed hundreds of billions of yuan.

BYD has consistently upheld its brand value of “Technological Innovation, Trusted Performance, and Leading Green Mobility.” It places great emphasis on the development of technology, energy efficiency, and new energy vehicles, aiming to bring a more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, safe, convenient, and enjoyable automotive life to society. BYD is at the forefront of propelling the global green automotive industry into a new era.

BYD, through its commitment to technological advancements, sustainable solutions, and green mobility, has emerged as a frontrunner in the new energy vehicle sector. With its industry-leading battery technology and a broad range of offerings, such as the Dynasty and Ocean series, BYD is spearheading the quest for a greener future. By continuously driving innovation and meeting the evolving demands of customers, BYD sets the standard for excellence in the electric vehicle market.

Post time: Nov-29-2023


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